Monday, December 10, 2007

Meeting Minutes 10/12/07

George Burnett Leisure Centre, Manning Road, Karawarra

Present: Warwick Boardman, Graham Blackwell, Chris Pudney

Apologies: Alan Brown, Andrea Callaghan, Kevin Trent

1. Business Arising From Last Meeting

Extension of 40km/h speed zone for Manning Primary School

ACTION: Graham Blackwell to write to Trevor Quinn about extending the zone and installation of islands.

Mount Henry Road median tree planting.

ACTION: Warwick Boardman to follow-up with Les Croxford/Trevor Quinn.

2. Manning Primary School

Bridget Blackwell wrote to Trevor Quinn regarding the Travel Survey results collected for Manning Primary School. No response/acknowledgement has been received.

ACTION: Graham Blackwell to follow-up with Trevor Quinn/Andrea Callaghan.

ACTION: Graham Blackwell to ask Andrea Callaghan for an example of a Travel Plan such as is being developed for South Perth Primary School.

ACTION: Chris Pudney to ask Marian Carey about the safe-routes-to-school kit she developed at Roadwise.

4. National Ride-to-Work Day

Was held October 17 at MacDougall Park. BUG members Chris Pudney and Alan Brown assisted South Perth and Victoria Park TravelSmart officers set-up the meeting point at MacCallum Park, near the Causeway.

Chris Pudney reported that approximately 50 cyclists stopped for coffee and refreshments. Not all participated in the group ride to the Bell Tower. Several large workplace teams were present.

Alan Brown noted that most riders appeared to be experienced cyclists rather than new recruits, and suggested that some focus on attracting new commuters to cycling is needed.

3. BUG Web-Site.

Transition to is complete.

ACTION: Chris Pudney to forward access and maintenance details to Graham Blackwell.

5. TravelSmart/RoadWise Action Group Meeting

None held since last BUG meeting.

Chris Pudney will resign from TRAG at the next meeting.

6. Action Plan

  • nil
  • 25 (high): Bodkin Park path access.
  • 33 (merge into 21): Hope Ave / Salter Point Pde install ramp
  • 35 (high): Ducket Dr / Cloister Ave refuge island.
  • nil
7. General Business

Graham Blackwell will investigate whether works on the sea wall along the Como stretch of the Kwinana Freeway will convey any benefit/detriment on the bike path.

Warwick Boardman noted that the recent modifications to the intersection of Elderfield and Manning Roads has resulted in the removal of the pedestrian ramps from the south eastern corner of the intersection. The intersection is to be signalised.

8. Next Meeting

5pm, February 4, 2008, Thelma Street Works Depot, Como

Meeting Minutes 24/09/07

5:00pm 24/09/07
South Perth Works Depot, Thelma Street, Como

Present: Kevin Trent, Andrea Callaghan, Alan Brown, Graham Blackwell, Chris Pudney, Trevor Quinn

Apologies: Warwick Boardman

1. Business Arising From Last Meeting

Extension of 40km/h speed zone for Manning Primary School

Trevor mentioned that there are plans to possibly close Bradshaw and Conochie Crescents and extend the Manning Hall car park.

ACTION: Graham Blackwell to write to Trevor Quinn about extending the zone and installation of islands.

Mount Henry Road median tree planting.

Warwick Boardman had written to the Mayor expressing the BUG's concerns. Trevor Quinn mentioned that he thought Les Croxford had responded by email to Warwick.

ACTION: Warwick Boardman to review Les Croxford's response.

2. Manning Primary School

A path is to be installed by the City from the oval to the school grounds.

Kevin Trent asked about the status of the school's "safe-routes-to-school" programme. Andrea Callaghan that the school is developing a "holistic" Travel Plan. The school's Principal is currently focused on the new kiss-and-ride.

ACTION: Andrea Callaghan to send copy of example school Travel Plan to Graham Blackwell.

ACTION: Chris Pudney to ask Marian Carey about the safe-routes-to-school kit she developed at Roadwise.

Kevin Trent asked what could be done to refurbish the Kensington Primary School's safe-routes-to-school programme.

3. BUG Web-Site.

Chris Pudney is in the process of transforming the web-site into a blog to make it easier for non-technical users to maintain.

The Action Plan is a bit tricky though.

4. National Ride-to-Work Day

When: 7:15am to 8:10pm, Wednesday October 17.
Where: MacDougall Park, Swan River foreshore bike path (near Taylor Street)

There will be coffee (mobile barista), muffins, fruit, yoghurt etc. A group ride to the Bell Tower for official presentation and prize draw at 8:30am.

ACTION: BUG members to assist with set-up. Andrea Callaghan to email BUG with instructions for helpers.

5. TravelSmart/RoadWise Action Group Meeting

Canning Bridge Train Station Access

Andrea Callaghan mentioned that only four bike lockers will be available at the Canning Bridge station. However, additional lockers could be installed at short notice by contacting Jim Krynen.

Andrea Callaghan mentioned the possibility of a travel survey being conducted in the Canning Bridge station's catchment area in February 2008.

ACTION: Andrea Callaghan to email bus routes to the station to Graham Blackwell.

Alan Brown asked about installation of signage from the Kwinana Freeway bike path to the station, given that access to Canning Bridge from the path isn't obvious.

Trevor Quinn mentioned the widening and upgrading of paths is planned at the end of Davilak Street and the Manning Road/Freeway ramps.

TravelSmart Surveys in Melville

Are being conducted in the Melville area. The DPI is offering paid casual work for volunteers to deliver material and conduct home visits.

ACTION: Andrea Callaghan to forward DPI information to Chris Pudney for distribution on BUG and BTA mailing lists.

6. Action Plan

  • 36 (medium): three paths in Waterford (east) have old-style 3 x U-rail bollards, which are excessively obstructive. Propose to replace these with newer style bollards.
  • 18 (high) No Through Road (except bikes) signage: Alston / Coode, Lockhart / Cale
  • 25 (high): Bodkin Park bike path access.
  • 18 (high): No Through Road (except bikes) signage: Talbot / Crawshaw, Murray / Thelma, Godwin / Canavan.
7. General Business

Trevor Quinn mentioned plans to add red bitumenised lanes to Hayman Road, Thelma Street and Labouchere Road.

Trevor Quinn mentioned that the PBN signage has almost been finalised, following which the bike maps can be printed by DPI.

Andrea Callaghan asked BUG members to review the draft maps for any final changes.

Kevin Trent mentioned that he'd been contacted by a BHP employee who'd raised an issue regarding lighting along the Victoria Park stretch of the foreshore cycle path. Trevor Quinn said that the foreshore redevelopment plan might address this (along the South Perth stretch).

Graham Blackwell submitted the Karawarra bike path signage plan.

Graham Blackwell asked about the status of the Clontarf bike path link. Trevor Quinn said that an application for funding had been prepared, with developers to provide some funding.

Alan Brown complimented the Como Beach redevelopment.

Alan Brown mentioned that street trees in Gentilli Way had been vandalized.

7. Next Meeting

November 26, 7:30pm, George Burnett Leisure Centre.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Meeting Minutes 23/07/07

7:30pm 23/07/07
George Burnett Leisure Centre, Manning Road, Karawarra

Present: Kevin Trent, Alan Brown, Graham Blackwell, Chris Pudney, Warwick Boardman

Andrea Callaghan

Press Release

Warwick Boardman prepared a press release congratulating the City on the new route markers applied to PBN routes. He contact the Community Newspapers. A photograph of some markers was taken and the article was published in the Southern Gazette.

Well done Warwick!

Mount Henry Road Modifications

Traffic calming measures applied to Mount Henry Road have resulted in narrowing of the southbound lane and planting of trees in the road median. The result is quite dangerous for cyclists as the narrower lane poses the risk that impatient drivers might attempt to squeeze past cyclists. As Mount Henry Road serves several schools in the area (Aquinus, St. Pius and Manning Primary), young cyclists are particularly at risk.

Warwick Boardman prepared a press release and wrote to the CEO. A letter of response was received from the Mayor.

The BUG's concern was also expressed to City engineer, Trevor Quinn.

ACTION: propose that alternate trees are removed from the median. This will provide motorists with sufficient width and distance to safely pass cyclists.

ACTION (Chris Pudney): raise the issue at the next TRAG meeting.

Manning Primary School Travel Survey

Graham and Bridget Blackwell prepared a survey of travel and access patterns for parents of Manning Primary school. Forty responses (23%) were received. The survey supported the
  • need for a path linking the school to the path from Manning oval
  • extension of 40km/h speed zone from Duckett Drive to Jarman Avenue (past Manning Hall)
ACTION (Graham Blackwell): investigate possible grant funding for path construction costs.

ACTION (Kevin Trent): clarify process needed to extend 40km/h zone.

Well done Graham and Bridget!

TravelSmart/RoadWise Action Group (TRAG)

A new TravelSmart/RoadWise officer, Andrea Callaghan, has been appointed. TRAG meetings will resume starting September 12.

Action Plan
  • Raise Bodkin Park path connectivity issues to high.
  • Add item for modifying old path bollards in Waterford.
General Business
  • Alan Brown noted a general improvement in the incidence of "lycra hoon" behaviour.
  • Kevin Trent mentioned the Main Roads notification number 138-138.
Next Meeting

5pm Monday September 24 at Thelma Street depot.

Monday, July 2, 2007

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Item No Priority PBN/SPR Location Expected Completion Date
36 medium
Waterford (east)
Description: three paths have old-style 3 x U-rail bollards, which are excessively obstructive:

  1. path linking Waterford Ave to Westland Place (map)
  2. path linking Westland Place cul-de-sac to the park on Doneraile Court (map)
  3. path linking Doneraile Court cul-de-sac to Waterford Ave (map)
Proposal: replace with newer style bollards.
35 low SPR10 Gillon Street / South Park (map)
Description: Currently there is no paved access to the park from Gillon Street. Proposal: Install a path from the park north to Gillon Street and to the western end of the park.
34 high SE34 Ducket Drive / Cloister Avenue (map)
Description: In spite of the 40km/h school zone cars still speed through this intersection making pedestrian and cyclist access to Manning Primary and St. Pius primary schools quite dangerous. Proposal: Install a centre refuge island in Duckett Drive north of Cloister Avenue.
32 medium SPR11 Elderfield Park public toilet (map)
Description: Existing path leads straight into the carpark - not a safe practice for small children, especially those on bikes. Proposal: Path connecting toilet with existing concrete path.
31 Low
Challenger Ave / Cloister Ave (map)
Description: Crossing Challenger Avenue from the footpath on the western side to the soccer clubrooms and playground is quite difficult especially for children, prams, wheelchairs and bicycles. Proposal:
  • Road level crossing in the island in Challenger Ave just south of Cloister Ave.
  • Connecting path from Soccer clubrooms to the paved area in the bowling club / soccer field car park.
30 Low
Challenger Ave / Manning Road (map)
Description: Crossing Challenger Avenue at Manning Road is hazardous (especially with children) with fast moving and turning traffic. This the main route that leads to the Library Proposal: Improve footpath on east side of Challenger Avenue south from Manning Road.
29 Low
Letchworth Centre Ave between Sulman Ave & Salter Point Pde (map)
Description: Improve connectivity along Letchworth Centre Avenue Proposal: Extend path along Letchworth Centre Ave from Sulman Ave to Salter Point Pde.
28 medium SPR11 Sandon and Elderfield Parks(map) On five year programme
Description: Improve Canning River foreshore bike path connectivity between Sandon and Elderfield Parks. Currently, cyclists and pedestrians cut across the grass in front of Curtin Rowing Club. Proposal: Connecting path from the bridge at the eastern end of the limestone path in Sandon Park through to the riverside park in Elderfield Park (near Curtin Rowing Club).
26 medium
Elderfield / Griffin path extension (map) 2007
Description: There is a wide path running along Elderfield south of the Griffin Crescent round-about. This is an excellent path for pedestrians and (young/inexperienced) cyclists. However, it ends a few metres south of roundabout forcing pedestrians/cyclists wanting to continue west along Griffin to either walk/cycle on the grass verge or road, or use the paths that go the long way anticlockwise around the round-about, which includes two road crossings. Proposal: Continue the Elderfield path around the corner into Griffin for approximately 25m and add a pram-ramp to permit crossing Griffin to the footpath on its northern side.
25 high
Bodkin Park
Description: Sealing the track has created an excellent bike path. A couple of finishing touches are needed. Proposal:
  • Add access to path from Waterford Ave. A chain-link fence across an opening for council vehicles is all that exists.
  • Add pram-ramp access to path from Artane Court.
24 high
Description: U-rail bike parking to be installed. Locations:
  • Mount Henry "spit", Salter Point
  • Canning River boat ramp, Salter Point
  • Playgrounds: Elderfield Park, Bodkin Park, Challenger Reserve, Kilkenny Loop, Mount Henry Estate
23 medium SE27 South Terrace / Hayman Road intersection
Description: The entry to the Herbarium is off George Street immediately after the intersection of South Terrace and Hayman Road. Cyclists heading east along South Terrace, using the new cycling, lane must make a quick lane change from left to right in order to enter the Herbarium. This is particularly difficult in heavy traffic. One possibility is to avoid the lane change by using the pedestrian crossing phase from South Terrace east into George Street. However, during this phase, cars may turn right from Hayman Road into George Street. Proposal: Approach Main Roads and have the pedestrian crossing phase be given a head-start over the right-hand filter.
22 low SE24 Paths around ornamental lakes
Description: Flooding Proposal:
  • lift and add drainage
  • possible inclusion in foreshore redevelopment
21 high
Description: Difficult departure from path/road:
  • Hope Ave / Salter Point Pde (map)
  • Crowley Vista / Stitfold Promenade (Former Mt Henry Hospital area)
  • Heading north on Coode St through road closure at Thelma St (opposite Como Primary School) on both east and west sides
  • Cliffe St. north of Canning Hwy
  • Hensman St. south of Canning Hwy (SE27)
Proposal: Install ramps
19 low
Description: Direction signs to shops & Curtin Uni on paths missing since redevelopment Proposal: To be replaced (BUG to suggest locations)
18 high
Description: "No Through Road" signs not allowing bikes through, e.g.
  • Bickley / Pether
  • Labouchere / Saunders
  • Lockhart / Henley
  • Lockhart / Cale
  • Alston / Coode
  • Cliffe
  • Review all "No through Road" signs and add "Except Bicycles" where appropriate
  • Priority to be given to PBN routes
  • Possible PBN funding
17 medium SE31 Lockhart St between Henley and Cale FY 03/04
Description: Remove or realign central grab rail Proposal: Replace with bollard
13 medium SPR11 George Burnett Leisure Centre
Description: Cyclist access difficult from shared path to centre Proposal:
  • Consultant has been employed to look at options
  • Racks have been relocated
  • Propose path connection from front door, east to Skate Park path, plus a path perpendicular to this along eastern edge of carpark connecting to path along Manning Road
  • Trevor Quinn to investigate whether "No Parking" signage is possible in the turning bay.
4 medium SE29 Manning Rd / Welwyn Ave intersection
Description: Difficult to cross heading south Proposal: Main Roads to be approached about installing a cyclist crossing phase
3 high Join of SE27 & SE29 Extension of shared path from Waterford to Centenary Ave past Clontarf
Description: Difficult to cycle between Waterford and Centenary Ave Proposal: Foreshore path and link to southern entrance of Curtin to be a condition of proposed development alongside Clontarf


The following actions have been completed.

Item No PBN Route Location Expected Completion Actual Completion

Description: "No Through Road" signs not allowing bikes through, e.g.
  • Talbot / Crawshaw
  • Murray / Thelma
  • Godwin / Canavan
  • Review all "No through Road" signs and add "Except Bicycles" where appropriate
  • Priority to be given to PBN routes
  • Possible PBN funding
9 was on SE31 Canavan Cr & Henley St
Description: No connection for cyclists
Grab-rails for Cashel crossing of Manning Road (map) February 2006 February 2006
Description: There are no grab-rails for the Manning Road crossing that leads to Cashel Way, Waterford. Proposal: Add standard cyclist grab-rails.
Manning Library(map) Febraury 2006 February 2006
Description: There is an old slab path leading from the main path outside Manning Library to the kerb of Manning Road. However, there is no pram ramp in the kerb so cyclists, prams or wheelchairs can go no further. There is a similar dead-end path on the southern side of Manning Road. There is also no path or pram ramps in the Manning Road median strip between the two dead-end paths. Proposal: Remove the dead-end paths
23 SE27 Lawler Avenue
March 2005
Description: Road surface is in poor condition Proposal: resurface
6 SPR10 Manning Rd / Gillon St intersection
February 2005
Description: Difficult to cross when traffic builds up Proposal: Realignment of crossing, one car length from hold line.
7 SPR10 Challenger Ave to Goss Ave beside library 03/04 financial year Early 2005
Description: Cycling connection needed for southbound traffic
14 SE27 Hayman Rd / South Tce intersection
Early 2005
Description: Cycling north on bike path in Hayman Rd (& continuing north) cars turning left into South Tce travel can't see cyclists heading straight ahead Proposal: Add a ramp from bike path onto road 20m - 30m before intersection.
10 SE27 Mill Pt Rd, Douglas Ave, Tate St intersection September 2004 September 2004
Description: Dangerous to cross Proposal: Traffic lights to be installed.
8 SE27 Shared path between Beazley Ave and Karawara shops is too narrow June 2004 2004
Description: Needs to be widened due to high traffic volume
Marsh & Bradshaw intersection May 2003 2003
Description: Has square curbs Proposal: Needs ramps
15 SE28 Labouchere Rd between Angelo & Hensman on Golf Club side
March 2003
Description: Correct damage done by tree roots and smooth grates
1 SE27 Canning Hwy / Douglas Ave
March 2003
Description: Ramp is not flush with road surface Proposal: Council has received a hazard report card and the fix is now an item on the works programme
11 SE27 Hayman Rd - Thelma St bus stop July 2002 September 2002
Description: Difficulty for cyclists Proposal: Improvements to occur this financial year
2 SE30 Murray St to Henley St July 2002 July 2002
Description: Grab rails in wrong place and request to have extra piece of path to complete a triangle shape at junction of paths from Murray, Henley & Jackson Roads Proposal: Francoise advised this is a PBN item and is on works programme to be completed this month
12 SE32 Comer St Freeway access Ramp May 2002 June 2002
Description: Too high Proposal: Make approach more gentle


The following actions have been rejected and will not be completed in the forseeable future.

Item No PBN Route Location
16 SE29 Coode St, South Tce & Angelo St intersections
Description: Bike Lanes in Coode St disappear just before intersections
Proposal: Options including realigning refuge islands & lanes to make room for continuing cycle lane
Rejection: Line marking completed October 2003 - telstra pit at Coode/Angelo intersection make modifications expensive - additional car lane takes priority over cycle lane at Coode/South intersection.
5 SE33? Henley St
Description: Bike lanes stop at Ley St
Proposal: Options to be investigated to continue lanes further east to Bruce St
Rejection: Never intended to be continued due to dual rd along Henley.


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